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over 8 years ago

Important: Sunday Morning Update

Good morning Launch Hackers!

First, you are awesome and you will finish. You can do it – we know you will!

Here is how today's submissions and judging will work:

1) Deadline 1pm

You need to submit your entry on the Launch Hackathon ChallengePost site before the 1pm deadline in order to be eligible for prizes. We've asked you to create a draft already so that we can get a sense of the numbers of submission, but creating a draft is NOT the same as submitting your entry. Please go back to your draft, fill it out completely with a great description, screenshots, a video demo (if you like), all the technology tags, sponsor prizes, your table number, and submit it (by hitting the "Submit for Review" button) before the 1 pm deadline. Those who have submitted their entry before Noon will likely have some judges visit their table sooner for Early Judging. Do not wait until the last minute or else you unfortunately risk being ineligible! Note: the person who originally saves a draft or a submission is the only one who may submit/edit it until the deadline.

2) Judging Process

Expo Style Judging:

This hackathon is being judged "Expo style," which means you will stay at your tables, and judges and visitors will come to you separately over a period of a few hours (so don't forget to add your table number to your online submission). There will be dozens of judges, and each submission will be judged multiple times throughout the judging period. You may walk around to look at other projects during the period only if you have someone from your team remain at your table to pitch. The judging period may last until 4 pm, but if it ends earlier we will let you know.

Judge Mentoring:

The judges will likely be wearing badges that say "Judge" on them. Judges are here to help you, not just to judge your project. After you pitch and answer their questions, ask questions and get feedback to help you and your project. The judges will be instructed to optimize for your learning.

Sponsor prizes versus Launch Prizes:

As you can see on the Hackathon Website, there are the main Launch Prizes and there are sponsor prizes. Some sponsor prizes have requirements (e.g. to use a specific API, to have everyone on your team be a student, etc.) and if you're eligible for any sponsor prizes you'll need to select them on your submission form to be judged. Sponsor judges may use the website and in-person judging to make their choices.


When the judging expo period ends, we will announce the judges' Top 15 picks. Those 15 will pitch on stage, and the judges will narrow those down to 5 who get to pitch at Launch later this week.

Thanks everyone!