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over 8 years ago

Quick Update from @jason

I'm super excited that we've broken 900 participants in the fifth LAUNCH Hackathon -- we're closing registration! We're done!

It's going to be epic... here's a couple of housekeeping things:

1/It's going to be a lot of fun, but this is businesss hackathon NOT a party. We're all here to learn, do seriously kick-ass work and win prizes -- as well as have a good time. 

2/No spectators: if you don't code or you don't design you will be bounced from the event. Every year a couple of folks try to sneak in to do recruiting, sales or other annoying bullshit. Do not be one of these folks! If you want to leverage the hackathon for some sort of gain then you should give back by being an official partner! email for details. 

3/No backdoor sponsorships: Do not send a team from your API company and try and get folks to use it -- that's lame! If you want to market your company please support the event (which costs $1.4m+ to put on!) by being a partner (aka sponsor). I know, I shouldn't have to say this but, again, every year we kick someone out for bringing their API team in matching t-shirts to the event to do sales. 

4/The LAUNCH Festival: by participating in the Hackathon you each get to come to the LAUNCH Festival -- for FREE!!! So, make sure you call in sick or take some vacation days for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because our speaker line up is insane! 

5/I'm going to invest in a couple of the projects coming out of the hackathon provided those teams want to start a company. My $100k investment prize is not a cash prize -- it's an INVESTMENT PRIZE! I want to see you quit your job and start a company based on your winning the hackathon (not just have you start a company, buy computers then shut it down!). 

6/This is going down on a pier.... it might get cold at night, so bring sweaters and we will have warm coco! 

best jason