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Looking for a Team

I'm looking to form or join a team, and I don't know of a better location to reach out other than here (for now).

My skills tend to be in UX design / UI dev (preferred) and Full Stack dev using web-based technologies (Javascript/Html/CSS) and can wield some solid JS. I am pretty capable at studying new tech so if I end up working with a mobile / native team I can focus on stuff like node/php server/db or design / layout. I've always wanted to dig into more native stuff (leap, myo, glass, etc).

I actually keep a list of ideas I've been playing with for years now that would be excellent hackathon entries and have generally received overwhelmingly positive feedback when I pitched them in the past. Would like to work with people who can pull their own weight and would compliment my skills or has the coding chops that they'd prefer me to emphasize UX/UI.


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    Hey, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Still wanna work together? I'm about to be done with work and head down there. I have a friend who I would also like to work with who is an iOS dev. We could Parse the backend if needed... or find a 4th.

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    I would love to join you guys too. If you are looking for teammates. Whats a good way to reach you guys

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